Nowadays WEBCAM’s payment per minute for consulting services, law firms, medicine … is a personal resource par excellence thanks to PPM or pay per minute. With it we can carry out all kinds of negotiations, generate customers, ask for consultations, make urgent payments, create videoconferences between several people, purchases or trips … with the same ease with which you remove the wrapper to a caramel.

For any company is important to have a close relationship with its customers, hence it has become essential to have technological alternatives to achieve this proximity.

The ability to make the payment per view by SMS, telephone, VISA, lines 806 – 803 – 807 – 902 in your website will make both your customers and your own company have an easier life. All the steps will be fast and totally reliable, so your client will have the necessary security to trust your company

But, what is the Per-Minute Per-View?

With the payment per minute on your website, users can make a payment by simply sending an SMS, making a call and in this way access exclusive areas of your site, access exclusive content, videos, etc.

With PAYXVIEW’s PPM platform, you can also check real-time statistics and create and segment your own database automatically.

Do not think twice and start generating revenue thanks to the per-minute-per-view payment for WEBCAM or operators.