In Videochats, if the company wants to meet the demands that users require today, the option is to turn their website into a responsive web page, thus fulfilling their preferences: speed in the management of their purchases, (thanks to the ease Of mobile payments), comfort and security.

One of the advantages of responsive web sites with PPM videochat is the hourly availability, since its operation is total at any time and without depending on the device from which the user accesses, so you can buy on your website while waiting for the bus, Book a table in your restaurant when you wait for a doctor’s appointment, check the daily offerings while walking to work, etc.

The figures speak for themselves: 85% of Internet users connect from smartphones and tablets; If the design of your web is not adapted to them, the chances of users accessing it decrease, among other things because search engines preferentially position responsive webs versus unadapted ones.

With videochat adapted to the mobile, they can talk to you from any device, can access more than one user, use the chat, microphone or video only.

Do not hesitate: embed our video chat with pay per minute PPM or pay per view.