Video Streaming Industry

Youtubers have emerged out of nowhere as a new internet profession

Play Meetings

Events or videoconferences with pay per view, with ticket or per minute, or with FREE access

Local Sports

Enjoy your live matches by recording the matches by streaming video and posting them

Video Channels

It’s fair to say that channels dedicated to video games, authentic youtubers quarry, are the most popular of the internet


Win subscribers by making more original video clips you have seen.

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Laughter is the best medicine for all ills, “said a Buddhist sage after an alcoholic party of the Dalai Lama.

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The official Pio Chick channel, most loved on the web !!! Videos, news and curiosities about the fantastic world of Pio chick and friends, in real time.

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Minecraft videos and more …

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YouTube millionaires

More revenue for Forbes in 2016

Most are comedians and jokers. However, in the list of YouTube channels that generate more revenue, compiled by Forbes magazine, there are also video game players and a cook with fascination for movies, books and television series

PewDiePie – 15 millions $ 100%
Roman Atwood 8 millions $ 95%
Lilly Singh 7,5 millions $ 90%
Ian Hecox y Anthony Padilla 7 millions $ 85%
Tyler Oakley 6 millions $ 80%