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Rubén Martínez
Rubén MartínezDesarrollador
PAYXVIEW is the most complete and affordable video platform that allows thousands of owners of video content from around the world to upload or transmit live their video content directly from their own websites without restrictions or advertisements.
Plataforma de Tickets 93%
Broadcast en Vivo 86%
Alejandro Cepeda
Alejandro CepedaBuenos Aires Streaming
Anyone, even without technical knowledge, can easily use the wide range of PAYXVIEW features and solutions to monetize, password-protect or simply privately and securely transmit their HD video content to PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices. connected from your viewer.
Streaming de Video 96%
Retransmision Webinar 85%
PAYXVIEWStreaming de Video
We provide your own white label user panels that are embedded in your own websites, allowing you to become video streaming service providers and offer the same features and solutions offered by PAYXVIEW. Your own brand, language and price structure.
Conciertos en Directo 89%
Compartir Streaming 95%
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